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On September 10th, 2017

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Jake Melder - Created January 1, 2014

The gym scene has seen a major overhaul in the last decade, with new workout fads and training regiments - and it can be a little overwhelming. In the Treasure Valley, there are tons of choices, from the large gyms with dozens of machines and amenities, to smaller outfits that provide for a more intimate experience. You really have plenty of options. On Your Side took a closer look at Johnny's Fit Club Fitness in Boise.

The atmosphere is friendly and trainers were readily available. "We have full equipment and classes," said Ryan Rasmussen, the Fitness Manager at Johnny's. "We have kickboxing, Zumba, all the different things, but we also have top-notch personal training and boot camps." When they say boot camps, they are not messing around.

Trainers push you through heart-pounding exercises without breaks. One minute on the bench press leads to a minute on resisted lunges, then on to the next exercises. "You're getting fat burning, building up that lean tissue, but also helping to repair any injuries," Rasmussen said, describing boot camps. "It really gets people to the goals they like." Johnny's Fit Club is a 24/7 gym. Members are able to access the gym any time using a key card. So even if you have the craziest schedule, there's no excuse to skip the gym.

Whether you are looking for a high-intensity workout to bring you to the next level, or want to start off on something more basic,....

Johnny’s Fit Club is the place for you!

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