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Covid-19 Update

Updated 5/24/2020:

Dear Member,

We are now open! We have setup our opening based upon the city guidelines in accordance with phase 2 opening for healthclubs/gym. We will be re-evaluating our staffed hours once the city of Boise guidelines are upgraded to phases 3 and 4. Our goal is to eventually go back to our normal operating 24 hours access in the near future.

Our temporary hours are as follows:




Membership Freeze

Due to Cova-19, we are willing to freeze your membership up to 6 months and you will not see any billing. Membership freezes can be done via email or by calling the club.


All membership cancellations must be done at club. All membership cancellations must have a signed cancellation form provided at the club and completed with clubstaff onsite. Cancellations will not be accepted via email. We are providing membership freezes as a alternative option to canceling your membership.

Additional cancellation information

Some membership types will require a cancellation fee, 30 day cancellation notice, past due balance paid, etc. Our club management is handing all inquiries on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the club

JFC Member Services
Overland & 5 mile

Previous Message

Dear Fit Club Family,

These are crazy times and we wanted to check in with you! This pandemic is putting our community and our businesses in situations we could not have forseen. These are unprecedented times for our community and for businesses both small and large. As the owner of Fit Club we are making decisions as quickly as we can and our desire is to communicate with you as soon as possible so that you can be in the know

With this in mind, we are sad to announce that we are forced to  close our doors and turn off gym access effective as of today, March 25th.

The ongoing battle against COVID-19 has taken its toll all across the country and we are now experiencing it firsthand here in Ada County.  Through the spread and evolution of the situation we have strived to not only maintain, but improve upon our facilities’ cleanliness and safety practices while also striving to maintain our small gym hospitality and atmosphere.  We are so thankful for you all, who have helped us maintain and preserve our facility for as long as we have.

This decision is not being made lightly, but to follow the orders of Boise’s mayor and to do our part we will follow through with the edict issued by City Hall.

This email is specifically for our members to answer some of the questions we have heard and some of the questions we anticipate hearing.

What does my membership look like during this shutdown?

Unless you notify us otherwise, your membership dues will continue as per usual. We have moved to an online model for the next 21 days and we are committed to serving you and your health and fitness needs even though we are not allowed to utilize our facilities in our normal capacity. You should have already received emails about how we are delivering the online resources, but if you have any questions, please let us know! We would love to help you in any way we can. We are offering workouts from our trainers that anyone will be able to do from home with basic tools you use in your everyday lifes.

The videos will be available at our gyms’ Facebooks of https://www.facebook.com/fitclubboise/ and https://www.facebook.com/fitcluboverland.

Are we paying our employees?

We have continued to employ or offer work to as many employees as possible. For example, you've probably seen the work of our Fitness Manager Mark, who has already been doing live feeds on Facebook to start the process in preparation for this. We will continue develop workout videos, trainers who are developing options for working with their clients at home, staff who are cleaning, painting and doing other maintenance duties, as well as our customer service staff who is answering all of your emails and taking care of your billing issues. At this point, we are grateful to say, we do not believe that we will have to do any layoffs after this is all over.

What are members' dues going to?

Running a gym has many expenses, most of which are never seen by the members. While we normally don't want to bother you with the details, we feel that it is of interest to share just a few that come to mind so that you can understand what "being a gym member" really entails. Here are a few of the expenses that your membership dues pay during this mandated shutdown:

  • Creating a virtual on-line gym experience
  • Paying staff we have been able to continue to employ through regular work and added projects
  • Paying our Lease, property taxes, payroll taxes.
  • Paying tax revenue so our community can continue to function
  • Paying other vendors who we contract with so they can also stay in business
  • Running and maintaining some of the essential utilities we need to keep on to communicate with our members

Our hope is that, after all of this, this family owned business that has been serving the Boise Community for over 10 years will be able to survive and still be here. It goes without saying that our desire is to stay in business so that we can continue to serve you and to continue to employ our amazing team.

Finally, we recognize that this is a challenging time for everyone. Please email us at Info@fitclubboise.com If you have more questions/concerns or special considerations. We want to work with you and be community.

We have attached a survey to this message, with respect to everyones’ memberships and how we move forward.  This setback in entirely new territory for us and we want to ensure that EVERYONE at Fit Club feels they are being done right. Your participation will help us to ensure this process is both quick and satisfactory for everyone.

Thank you for your time and your support, we appreciate you and look forward to continuing to serve you!

Johnny, owner of Johnnys Fit Club

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